Masters of Stone IV

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Faster, Harder, Bolder, Newer, Creative and Damage Control... these are the six points of breakthrough in Masters of Stone VI.


Speed Record on El Captain,
High-Ball Bouldering,
First Ascents,
Speed Free Solo Racing,
World’s Highest Slackline,
Wingsuit in Norway,
Parkour on Rock,
and much more!


Includes special bonus second feature:


Plus an eye-opening session with

Timmy O’Neill

Masters of Stone 6 : Breakthrough - Trailer!

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photo: Don French

For almost 20 years MASTERS OF STONE has defined the cutting edge of rock climbing action. More than any other sport, rock climbing continually redefines its rules and resets its limits. Yesterday's "impossible" becomes today's standards as advances in training, equipment, mental and physical control, and innovation combine to break new ground.

Every few years the MASTERS OF STONE production team roams the world capturing those breakthroughs and delivers them in a tasty mix of music, commentary and, above all, visual action. Now comes MASTERS OF STONE VI, "Breakthrough", the latest video episode that blows down the boundaries of human ability with some of the boldest, most visually stunning displays of power, courage and skill ever seen on the vertical stage.

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